Pakistani Bridal Dresses And Complete guide for brides

Made-to-Measure’ vs ‘Made-to-Order’?
What are the differences between ‘bespoke’, ‘made-to-measure’, ‘made-to-order’, and ‘off the rack wedding dresses? we would give a rough idea of prices and a quick look at our most demanded bridal dresses in Karachi

Pakistani Bridal dresses
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We frequently hear different terms for wedding dresses, such as bespoke, made-to-measure, made-to-order and off-the-rack, but often brides are not sure what they mean. Let us explain how each type of wedding dress service works and how much you should expect to pay for them.

Bespoke wedding dresses involve the process of creating a completely new design based on your unique requirements. As they design a dress specifically for you, this tends to be very expensive. It normally starts with a consultation process, the designer will gather what you are looking for and make a dress sketch based on your description, read more about Pakistani bridal dresses bespoke embroidery

Pakistani Bridal Dresses Its prices and time duration for design to be ready

The lead time varies massively depends on the schedule of the designer or seamstress, a bespoke dress can be made within 2 months but can take as long as 8 months. Prices for the bespoke dresses are often PKR 350,000+, however, if you have a design already and just want a seamstress to make the dress, you might be able to save a little on the designing fees.

Made-to-measure wedding dresses are custom made, but it is the size that is tailored rather than the whole design. First, you choose a style from the designers’ collections, then they will take your measurements and make a dress to fit your unique body shape.

Made-to-measure wedding dresses are generally cheaper than bespoke dresses, as the designer does not have to create a new design from scratch, they can use existing designs and just adjust the sizes to make it a perfect fit. Most made-to-measure wedding dresses are priced at PKR 250,00+ and usually take 8-10 weeks to make depending on the designer. Your Dream Bridal works only with designers that offer custom changes and Made to Measure to ensure every bride finds her perfect dress!

Made-to-order is the most common type of wedding dress among the bridal shops. The process is normally you try a few sample dresses, and the shop will order a standard size for you from the designer’s size chart. Many brides will face the problem of not fitting into a standard size gown, as a result, they have to pay a large amount extra to get the dress altered to their actual size.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses Its Price and Alteration

Price for made-to-order dresses are often between PKR: 200,000 to PKR: 300,000, however, the more you add quality to work the more it gets increased when it comes to prices. Basic alterations, such as taking in the hem or taking in the sides, could start around PKR: 7000 and up. Made-to-order dresses usually take 4-6 Weeks to make depending on the designer.

Off-the-rack wedding dresses are often available at discount outlets, department stores or at sample sales. These dresses can be bridal samples bought from other boutiques to resell, new products directly from the discontinued inventory of a designer, or ready-to-wear dresses, meaning they are the street size.

Critical prices analyses when buying bridal dresses

The shops buy in bulk either from a designer or manufacturers, so they can negotiate a more competitive price than most independent bridal shops. The downside is that they are not able to order one dress at a time, hence if they have sold out of one style in your size, you may have to wait until their next bulk order to get your desired dress, or that one dress is the only one available. Prices for outlet wedding dresses are generally between PKR 300,000 – PKR:700,000 depending on the designer. You also need to consider the alteration costs.


Understand what all the type of dresses are supposed to be, visit store or website to compare quality, contact the designer to understand the time frame, price and what you get in return, buy from an authentic store or site not randomly from anyone claiming original, e.g you need to buy SJ brand you need to buy it from rather than any other source

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